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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

18:05  IU7FBC     JN62HT   VE3SAO        EN58JJ      7100.0                                   F2       21Jan19

18:05  EA2DDE     IN92EE   EC5KY         JN00BC      3590.9   tnx QSO dme 12085               F2       21Jan19

18:05  LZ2TWY     KN33CI   LZ/R3DL       KN22NU      7075.4   tnx QSO 73!                     F2       21Jan19

18:04  RL6KM      KO86MA   R6DHW         KO86MA      3695.0                                   UNKNOWN  21Jan19

18:04  UR3VKR     KN68DM   DK3ABM        JO51CB      7011.9                                   F2       21Jan19

18:04  SQ2TAM     JO94CJ   SQ2HL         JO94CI      7074.0   ft8 ARCK                        TROPO    21Jan19

18:03  ZL2IFB     RF70ID   OK2PAY        JN79XL      7017.0                                   F2       21Jan19

18:03  IZ8LKL     JN70JR   ZL3GAV        RE67AU     10136.0                                   F2       21Jan19

18:03  UR3VKR     KN68DM   HB90DQR       JN46BU      7011.9                                   F2       21Jan19

18:02  N4NQ       EM73XX   KX0R          DM79IX     14063.0                                   ES       21Jan19

18:02  IU2IDU     JN55KC   ZL4RMF        RE54GD      7165.0   55 TNX 73                       F2       21Jan19

18:02  LZ2TWY     KN33CI   4L4TB         LN22MA      7075.4   tnx QSO 73!                     F2       21Jan19

18:02  UR3VKR     KN68DM   HB90BQR       JN46BU      7011.9                                   F2       21Jan19

18:02  K1BZ       FM19NE   HI9/F5PLR     FK49PD     18070.0   cling cq                        F2       21Jan19

18:01  K7PI       CN87VN   HI9/F5PLR     FK49PD     18070.0   Nice Signal                     F2       21Jan19

18:01  DL8NBM     JO51CB   DB25ONN       JO51CB      3566.0   spec. DOK 40B25                 UNKNOWN  21Jan19

18:01  DK5FX      JN69IG   R3QU          KO91OJ      7007.0                                   F2       21Jan19

18:01  UA3QNE     KO91OJ   UA3QNE        KO91OJ      3573.0   CQ CQ CQ                        UNKNOWN  21Jan19

18:00  EA1IC      IM98SS   PU2UAF        GG66MV     28455.0   herad in spain 59               F2       21Jan19

18:00  RL6KM      KO86MA   UA3GIU        KO92TJ      3722.0                                   F2       21Jan19

18:00  SV3SFK     KM07VF   IV3DBT        JN66OB      3646.0   Award ARPI GL                   F2       21Jan19

17:59  UR3VKR     KN68DM   DL8WS         JO51CB      7011.9                                   F2       21Jan19

17:59  SV3SFK     KM07VF   IV3DBT        JN66OB      3646.0   Award ARPI                      F2       21Jan19

17:58  UA3GJM     KO92TJ   R2ZEV         KO04TT      3647.5   AWARDS                          F2       21Jan19

17:58  EC5AMK     IM99BA   EC5KY         JN00BC      3590.0   rtty DME 12085                  F2       21Jan19

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