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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

02:48  W4HLR      EM56IC   VE3WXK/P      EN94MM     50125.0   EM56JB<ES>EN94 5/9 qsb tnx      ES       20Jul18

02:48  K8ND       EN80KE   PJ2Y          FK52MC      7031.0   QSX 7031.5 Kalter Youth DX Adv  F2       20Jul18

02:48  W8JER      EN71GT   N0LL/B        EM09OW     50077.0   EN71HS<>EM09OW                  ES       20Jul18

02:48  W4IMD      EM84AB   VE5MX         DN89CQ     50313.0   TODD  TNX 73                    ES       20Jul18

02:47  SP6EIY     JO80RU   RO75NN        MO05OC      7041.7   PSK63                           DIGI     20Jul18

02:47  R2EA       KO04TT   RO75NN        MO05OC      7041.5                                   DIGI     20Jul18

02:45  KD0IEL     EM48RP   I2VRN         JN55BB      7198.0   59+ in Missouri                 F2       20Jul18

02:45  VA3WV      FN03BM   W4JSI         EM64MT     50313.0   EN93XP<>EM64 FT8                ES       20Jul18

02:45  WB7PMP     EM95PR   N9RXM         EN41QE     50128.0   EM95PU<ES>EN41                  ES       20Jul18

02:45  NK0S       FM18LD   K6CRC         CM87WI      5357.0                                   F2       20Jul18

02:44  AB4EL      FM05CP   CM8HWY        FL10AX      7135.0   59 IN NC                        F2       20Jul18

02:44  NW3Y       FM28EP   UY3LA         KN89MM      7015.0                                   F2       20Jul18

02:44  YO2BBP     KN05OS   SV1HAV        KM17UX      3785.0   thx  73  qso                    F2       20Jul18

02:43  UA9CES     MO06HM   RO75NN        MO05OC      7085.0   award NN                        F2       20Jul18

02:42  KJ7I       DM44GJ   ZL4IR         RE34WQ     14247.5                                   F2       20Jul18

02:42  UA3221S    KO86MA   WB4EHG        EL96TB     10136.0   FT8 -18DB                       F2       20Jul18

02:41  F8AIL      JN19EG   PJ2Y          FK52MC      7031.0                                   F2       20Jul18

02:41  UR0QK      KN77NT   CE0YHO        DG52HV      7074.0   FT8 tnx QSO 73!                 F2       20Jul18

02:40  OH9EKT     KP36AL   PJ2Y          FK52MC      7031.0                                   F2       20Jul18

02:40  N9GLM      EN02QG   N9GLM         EN02QG     14233.0                                   UNKNOWN  20Jul18

02:40  W7GJ       DN27UB   NQ0W          CM97CQ     50313.0   EM27>DN27                       ES       20Jul18

02:40  N3NKA      FM19KS   AA0KM         EM39JC     50130.0   FM19<ES>EM39 Loud in FM19       ES       20Jul18

02:40  NK0S       FM18LD   N4IDH         EM71GF      5357.0                                   F2       20Jul18

02:39  KJ6MBW     CM97AN   KD6WW/VY0     CM96VG     10106.5   up, NA-207, easy from N Cal     F2       20Jul18

02:39  YO3TN      KN34BJ   SV1HAV        KM17UX      3785.0   qso  thx                        F2       20Jul18

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