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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

23:00  IK8BQE     JN70EN   KP4TF         FK68KK     10120.0                                   F2       16Dec18

23:00  KN4HKB     EM73VU   N4T           EM83XM      7185.0   http://bit.ly/hamvideos         F2       16Dec18

23:00  HA7VK      KN07UL   4O1HQ         JN92PM      1829.1                                   F2       16Dec18

23:00  PY2WAS     GG66TQ   P4/DL6RAI     FK52AM     10103.0   UP 1KHZ, 599 IN BRAZIL, TU QSO  F2       16Dec18

23:00  JM1CMA     PM96SG   KL2SB         BP51HO     14030.0                                   F2       16Dec18

22:58  PY1ZV      GG87KO   S57V          JN76AA      7013.0                                   F2       16Dec18

22:58  KE4QCM     EM73WT   KE4QCM        EM73WT     10145.0   300 baud HF packet              UNKNOWN  16Dec18

22:58  AI2Q       FN43RJ   G6MC          IO93HK      3799.0                                   F2       16Dec18

22:58  OE5RLM     JN78DJ   K3ZM          FM08SB      1830.8   SRI FRQ                         F2       16Dec18

22:57  BH4IGO     OM86MP   CU2DX         HM77ER      3573.0   pse BY BY BY BY                 F2       16Dec18

22:57  W4FOA      EM74IU   N4T           EM83XM      7185.0   IOTA NA-079 Grid EL84           F2       16Dec18

22:57  LU5OM      FG75HF   CX5DNT        GF25BM     10119.0                                   F2       16Dec18

22:56  PY1ZV      GG87KO   DU3LA         PK05GL      7028.0   simplex  CW                     F2       16Dec18

22:56  FM0LU      FK94MO   YU7AU         KN04HU    144120.0   FK94LO<EME>KN04HU SWL-26        EME      16Dec18

22:56  IK4PKK     JN54DT   II4FRD        JN62HT      7014.5   SCIENCE AWARD www.arifidenza.i  F2       16Dec18

22:56  HL2WA      PM37NI   P4/DL6RAI     FK52AM     10103.0   CQ, UP                          F2       16Dec18

22:56  PY5OD      GG54KN   JF3VAX        PM74TQ     18100.0                                   F2       16Dec18

22:55  PY5OD      GG54KN   JA8BNP        QN01IS     18100.0                                   F2       16Dec18

22:55  KJ4LTA     EM71II   JA1NLX        PM95RM     14075.1                                   F2       16Dec18

22:55  LW1DZ      GF05OP   LU8EOT        GF05OP     21365.0                                   UNKNOWN  16Dec18

22:55  UR0QK      KN77NT   VA3TIC        FN14SG      3573.0   FT8 tnx QSO 73!                 F2       16Dec18

22:54  CX7OV      GF18WE   OK2RZ         JN99BS      7133.0   tnx qso Yuri                    F2       16Dec18

22:54  JA3SWL     PM85AC   CO6HLP        FL02AJ     10136.0   CORR.                           F2       16Dec18

22:54  JA3SWL     PM85AC   HI8PJP        FK49PD     10136.0   FT8 v2.0                        F2       16Dec18

22:54  YV5JGO     FK60NL   Z66DH         KN02NP      7016.0                                   F2       16Dec18

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