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Time   Sp Call    Sp Loc   DX Call       DX Loc        Freq   Spot detail                     Mode     Date 

03:20  UA4CCH     LO21WO   PY5OD         GG54KN      7074.9   tnx QSO                         F2       19Feb19

03:20  NP2Q       FK78RE   K2ULZ         FN21XM      7076.2                                   F2       19Feb19

03:19  RW1AI/9    MO05OC   R6NN          KN97UC      7074.0   FT8 -14                         F2       19Feb19

03:19  AC3AV      FN20OF   9K2GS         LL39XG      7157.0                                   F2       19Feb19

03:19  UR0QK      KN77NT   NZ4Q          EM74TI      3573.0                                   F2       19Feb19

03:18  RW1AI/9    MO05OC   UW7UA         KO50FJ      7074.0   FT8 -19                         F2       19Feb19

03:18  VK2SOL     QF56KD   VK5RR         PF95IE     14074.0   tnx/ft8                         ES       19Feb19

03:17  DS3EXX     PM36WF   T31EU         AI46MA     21074.0   tnx. f/h                        F2       19Feb19

03:17  SP4DNX     JO94QD   PJ2/NF9V      FK52MC      7026.0   tnx qso up                      F2       19Feb19

03:17  UR0QK      KN77NT   NR2H          FN20NM      3573.0   FT8 tnx QSO 73!                 F2       19Feb19

03:17  W3LPL      FM19LG   4Z4KX         KM72JX      3504.0   Heard in NH                     F2       19Feb19

03:16  UA4CCH     LO21WO   K4A           EM73QW      7076.6   tnx QSO                         F2       19Feb19

03:16  EW4W       KO43ID   PJ2LJG        FK52MC      7075.7                                   F2       19Feb19

03:16  NP2Q       FK78RE   WA2ISE        FN20XW      7076.2                                   F2       19Feb19

03:15  W2MW       FN21XX   VP5/K0PC      FL41DS      7002.0   IOTA NA002 qrt                  UNKNOWN  19Feb19

03:15  XX9D       OL62SD   XX9D          OL62SD     18086.0                                   UNKNOWN  19Feb19

03:15  W1CU       FN31HD   VE0JS/MM      DO78XA      7160.0   Jeanne - 39.43S 29.096E grid K  F2       19Feb19

03:15  RW1AI/9    MO05OC   UA9MA         MO64UR      7074.0   CQ FT8                          F2       19Feb19

03:15  NA6L       DM12JR   YS1/AA4NC     EK54MA      5357.0   DM12JR<>EK53 FT8                F2       19Feb19

03:15  UA3CS      KO95CM   PJ2/NF9V      FK52MC      7026.0   Up1.Tnx,Rudolph.73!             F2       19Feb19

03:14  R4CA       LO31BH   PJ2/NF9V      FK52MC      7026.0   tnx QSO                         F2       19Feb19

03:14  HA7AJ      JN97MM   PJ2/NF9V      FK52MC      7026.0   TNX 73!                         F2       19Feb19

03:14  RW1AI/9    MO05OC   WD5COV        DM62DF      7074.0   CQ FT8                          F2       19Feb19

03:14  IZ6FIR     JN63RO   PJ2/NF9V      FK52MC      7025.9   up tnx                          F2       19Feb19

03:13  WA5TEF     EM54PJ   9K2GS         LL39XG      7157.0   59 into Mississippi LSB         F2       19Feb19

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